Revolut Donations

Revolut Donations

Here at Donater, we love anything that helps charities, churches and any not-for-profit donations get more donations. So when this popped into our inbox we thought we would highlight and share it for our lovely followers too.

We’ve discussed in a previous blog the psychology behind giving, and it’s no surprise that giving to worthwhile causes just feels good. People generally do want to give and help people, but what they don’t want is long-winded sign up forms, off-putting commitments, and being accosted by campaigners down the High Street or even worse on their own doorstep.

This is where Revolut Donations comes in. They have a brand new feature that allows donors to give however much they want, when they want directly to worthy causes without any of the commitments or minimum donation.

So how does this work?

First you choose a cause you would like to support and make donations to. Then, you can choose to round up your card payments and donate the extra bit to your chosen cause. So for example, if on your way to work you grab a coffee for £2.50, Revolut Donations will round it up to £3 and donate the 50 pence to the charity you’ve chosen. Easy peasy!

You are also able to set up regular payments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as well as having the option to make one-off donations for any amount whenever the mood takes you. There is no minimum amount, and donations can be edited or cancelled at any point should your financial commitments change.

What charities can you donate to using Revolut Donations?

They have partnered with Save the Children, WWF and ILGA-Europe to launch their exciting new feature. Together these partners are championing for human rights and environmental protection around the world; undoubtedly a collection of very worthy organisations who can do great work with people’s donations. Their charity partners will receive 100% of the money donated to them by customers using this feature.

Where can you sign up?

You’ll need to make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app. Once you’ve got that sorted, go to the ‘More’ section and tap on ‘Donations’.

Here you’ll see a list of causes that you can choose to support. Make your choice and then you can begin rounding up spare change from purchases or set up a recurring donation. You could also tap in and make a one-off donation!

We think this is a fantastic way for people to stay in complete control of the donations they make, as well as providing charitable organisations a fanatastic opportunity to swap bucket shaking fundraising to digital loose change.

Keep an eye on our blog for more great tips on fundraising as well as the latest in digital fundraising technology.

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