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Is Tap-To-Donate Software The Solution to Cash Crisis in Schools?

Last week Headteachers from across the South of England hit the news for speaking out against Education Secretary Damian Hinds who has refused to meet with them to discuss the funding crisis that is currently hitting our schools.

One teacher has had to cut so much from her school that she’s ended up cleaning toilets, hoovering classrooms and working in the canteen.

This, in turn, is putting more pressure on Parent and Teacher Associations to boost funds by having to not only up their fundraising activity but to actually just ask parents to pay for certain things like printing. But when there are only so many events you can fit into an academic year there is a limit to what the PTA can do.

Or is there?

With contactless donation software being developed and trialled, fundraising is getting easier and more accessible to those wishing to make donations.

The solutions we are building will solve some of the fundraising problems faced by schools as well as other organisations that rely on fundraising, through silent auction technology, tap to donate solutions and ticket shops.

It wouldn’t need to just be at school events, but a contactless donation point could be plugged in and set up in the school reception, so anyone popping in to the office to check a date or complete some paperwork could easily tap their card on their way in or out and donate a set amount pre-decided by the school.

Imagine how much extra money could be raised for the school with a few quid being donated here and there by people calling in the office.

You could also have contactless donation points set up on the way in to school events like fetes or entertainment evenings.

Even parents evenings or sports days could have them!

For more great ideas on how to fundraise for your school PTA, scroll down for our Events Calendar.

And keep your eyes peeled on this page – Exciting news regarding the development of this software will be coming soon!

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